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HOEOCA Weightwatchers #3

December 29, 2011

The toothbrush gets it!

John’s been worrying about weight recently and after much deliberation on Christmas Day, has decided on drastic action. Whilst he considers himself to be useful moveable ballast (to which the turkey has only added even greater value), it became clear whilst prodding said turkey, that unnecessary superfluous implements are not. So, without much ado or ceremony he has made the intelligently analytical incisive decision to give his toothbrush its final chops. (I did point out how much more weight we could save if he left his teeth behind!) Nevertheless, credit where credit is due, just think of the grams we could save if we all follow John’s fine example. Give him an extra rum ration!

(In our next issue – Lady Sailor’s handbags…any volunteers?).

Happy New Year everyone! Only three weeks to go ๐Ÿ™‚

Nelson would've been proud!


Marina Puerto del Castillo, Fuerteventura

December 13, 2011


HOEOCA Weightwatchers #2

December 8, 2011

Are you going to drop one with me?

Okay, so may be the Rear Commodore is stressing about his weight! How much lighter and faster can the Rear be? Mind over calories, simples!

There is a serious message here as we enter to period of good will to all food. Try to take a little exercise over the holidays to get the circulation going and loosen muscles? Seven days of sailing will take its toll and a little light exercise beforehand will add to the enjoyment.

HOEOCA Weightwatchers #1

December 5, 2011

Old bags don't win races

Less than two months to the HOEOCA January Sail and your Rear Commodore is stressing about weight. No, not his weight! Boat weight! Winning boats are fast and fast boats are light. So, here is our first weight saving ideas. It’s quite a revelation. Get rid of the old bag! Be forced to pack light ๐Ÿ™‚

Maids a waiting

November 21, 2011

Quite Contrary, Marina Rubicon, Lanzarote

My thanks to my twitter mate Mike Pickeringย of Monkey’s Fist Sailing for sending this photo taken last week. Excited, not half!

I have spies everywhere

November 17, 2011

@racesail wet your appetite for Jan!

Off Gran Canaria

October 13, 2011

Another Canaries Sailing moment ๐Ÿ™‚ The HOEOCA January Sail