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Thorntonbank Wind Farm

September 3, 2010

Now you’d expect to see the odd windmill or two in Holland wouldn’t you! Travelling through Dutch Flanders to Breskens Sailing Weekend last week and sailing on the Westerschelt gave me the impression that The Netherlands has really capitalised on its heritage and embraced this wind farming lark. There are wind turbines everywhere, big and small, gracefully going about their business. One of the yacht races took us quite a long way into the North Sea, not far from the Thorntonbank Wind Farm. Or at least I had the impression we were not far away. In fact, we were still some distance, these sea turbines are on a different scale altogether, they’re massive. How they ever build them is beyond me, I mean, its not as if you can get a large mallet and bang them into the sand! Take a look at these pictures, quite fascinating.

Windmill bases being constructed in Ostende

So, in doing a little research I discovered Thorntonbank is actually in Belgian territory. But I was also surprised to discover that the UK actually produces twice as much wind power as the Netherlands! However, the Dutch do produce over twice as much wind power as the UK, as a percentage of total energy consumed, so we still have some catching up to do. There are plans to increase wind power production in UK from our current 4GW to over 30Gw by the year 2020. Our landscape and seascape is about to change significantly.

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